Union Growler Co. was established at one of our favorite places: the loading dock at the back of a crowded local brewery.

Soaking in the warm Texas sunshine, the bonhomie of a craft beer crowd, and the alcohol of the IPAs we were drinking, we fell to talking about our favorite charities, having noticed several Food Bank t-shirts and happy rescued dogs among the crowd. It dawned on us that we were a representative slice of the craft beer community, passionate about great local beer, food, art, music, and our favorite causes.

As the proud owners of many growlers, we know that they convey a message every time you set one on a bar to be filled with a hoppy IPA, fruity Belgian ale, or strong, dark stout. What better medium is there to simultaneously proclaim your love for craft beer and the charity nearest to your heart?

You can learn more about the charities we've worked with or go check out our shirts and growlers. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you around.


John & Andy

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