Dallas Craft Beer Bars: Union Growler Co. Favorites

March 20, 2015

Great beer is meant to be enjoyed in a great surrounding, whether at home with friends or out and about in the vibrant Dallas craft beer scene. We’ve gone to many watering holes in and around Dallas and have discovered some favorite haunts that we can’t stop going back to. Different drinkers will have different choices about what constitutes a good Dallas craft beer bar, so be sure to let us know your favorite bars both in the comments and on Twitter.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite Dallas craft beer bars:



Lakewood Growler

Not to be confused with Lakewood Brewing Company, Lakewood Growler has become a special place to visit for the Union Growler team. Never mind the fact that they have 36 great beers on tap or the fact that they love featuring North Texas breweries; the atmosphere is fun and decidedly Texan. Comfortable seating and big tables make this a great place to visit with friends.

Craft and Growler

Rustic and offering plenty of great beer, Craft and Growler is a great place to imbibe for a number of reasons. One, the atmosphere: we love the keg bar stools and the wooden bar area. Two, their charitable spirit: every Tuesday they donate some of their proceeds to a local non-profit. And three, the beer, of course!

Cobra Brewing Company

Big open spaces and a brewery built into it, Cobra Brewing Company is an inviting location to hang out with friends, try some locally brewed beer, and enjoy the atmosphere. Cobra always feels very alive and active, much like the people who run it. Part of this comes from the fact that there’s so much to do there beyond just drinking: there’s pool, ping pong, arcade games, cornhole, and live music.


These are just three of our favorite places in Dallas for craft beer. We’ve been to plenty spots, and they all hold something special for us. Of course, we also just like to head out into the country and unwind!

Tell us a few of your favorite Dallas craft beer bars. Where do you go to fill up your growler or for some freshly brewed Texas craft beer? Of course, if you don’t have a growler yet, you should pop over to our store and grab one for yourself!

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