Our Favorite Seasonal Craft Beers in Dallas

March 05, 2015

Can you feel a change in the wind? Despite the crazy unpredictable Texas weather (seriously, snow?), we know that soon the birds will be chirping, the flowers blooming, and great beer pouring. As the seasons change, so do the seasonal beer selections at many of our favorite breweries. For beer lovers like ourselves, it’s an exciting time to see and taste what the craft beer masterminds around Dallas have been cooking up.

Here are a few of our favorite local craft beers that pair up perfectly with the changing seasons:

Franconia Pils at Franconia Brewing Company

While we traditionally prefer IPAs, Franconia Pils at the Franconia Brewing Company evokes a lighter, refreshing taste that brings to mind the warm months we have ahead of us. The craft and attention they put into this beer solidifies the fact that this is a true German pilsner that any visitor from the Vaterland. A hoppy aroma and dry finish keeps you coming back for pour after pour.


Till & Toil™ by Lakewood Brewing Co.

Saisons like Till & Toil were once the beer of choice for farm workers in Europe, and one sip of this beer should explain why: the crisp taste certainly offers plenty of refreshment after a long day of hard work. Tart and juicy, Till & Toil is the perfect choice for individuals looking for a complex and refreshing sip. We should note that Till & Toil also won the gold award in the 2014 San Diego International Beer Festival for French/Belgian-style ales.


The Kitchen Sink by Cobra Brewing Co.

Like most imperial stouts, the Kitchen Sink is dark and full of big flavors, but that simplifies the joy of drinking The Kitchen Sink. This is a beer designed to be sipped and savored. Your taste buds will sift through layers of flavors that call to mind the complexity bourbon. A mild carbonation keeps this stout from becoming too heavy and balances the bold flavors.


Every craft beer lover has his or her favorite seasonal beers, and our list could go on and on. The beauty of seasonal beers is also our greatest sorrow: they can only be enjoyed at certain parts of the beer. Our philosophy? Go out there and try anything that seems interesting, and let us know which seasonal beers you enjoy the most, whether around Dallas or elsewhere.

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