The Different Designs of Growlers

February 25, 2015

The modern growler as we know it was only designed a few decades ago, in 1989 in Wilson, Wyoming. Since that time, the design of the growler has mostly remained the same; however, different groups of individuals have started to adapt and revise the original design, for better or for worse some may argue. Regardless, we can all agree that we’re excited growlers have grown in popularity because that means more and more people can enjoy great craft beer all the time.

When buying a growler, there are certain features you should be particularly interested in:

  • The size
  • The shape
  • The seal
  • The material

Most growlers come in a standard size of 64 fl oz. Sometimes, growler are sold in half sizes and are often called howlers. On the opposite size, larger growlers can be found up to 128 fl oz. It is important to remember that after you open a growler, you only have a limited amount of time (approximately 36 hours) to enjoy the beer at optimal freshness. Pick a growler size that you think you can enjoy responsibly or a size you can share with friends.

Shape is perhaps the least important factor to consider and is almost purely preference-based. The most obvious difference in growler shapes involve a handle. Some have them so you can easily grip them, others do not. It’s a personal preference that you can decide for yourself.

The seal, however, must be chosen carefully. The seal is what keeps your beverage fresh and will principally dictate the life of your beverage. We recommend polyseal screw tops or growlers with a flip top and wire cage. Either style will keep the seal extremely tight and reduce the amount of oxygen, which ultimately leads to spoiling your beer. A metal screw top is not airtight enough and will give your beer a shorter lifespan.

Finally, the material of a growler. We recommend amber glass, but there are clear growlers as well as stainless steel growlers. This is mostly aesthetic, but there is one benefit of darker glassed growlers: the darker container prevents the full spectrum of light from passing through, keeping your beer better preserved.

If you’re ready to join the growler craze, head on over to our store and discover for yourself why growlers have become so popular. Our growlers are made from amber glass and feature polyseal caps to keep your beer fresh from anywhere between 2-5 weeks. Plus, every growler you buy from the Union Growler Company benefits a charity!

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