Union Growler’s Beer Lovers Gift Guide

February 11, 2015

We love beer. Whether it’s a crisp pilsner or a full bodied IPA, we love all kinds of beer, and because of this passion, we’ve assembled quite a bit of beer-related paraphernalia. If you’re on the hunt for something for the beer lover in your life, or if you’re looking to expand the horizon of your beer enjoyment, this is the list for you!
Some of these gift ideas are more essential than others but all of them will be enjoyed regardless of what kind of beer you enjoy.


Some people prefer to drink exclusively out of bottles, but most beer lovers will eventually be looking to pour their beverage of choice, and having well-crafted glasses can enhance the experience all that much more. Depending on the type of beer you enjoy, you should consider different glasses: chalice for malty or Belgian ales, pilsner for lighter beers, mugs for cold beers, Weizen glasses for wheat beers (to name a few). Of course, you could also have a little fun and pick up an authentic beer stein, although these are more for show than to enhance flavors.

Perfect gift for: People who love a particular style of beer and want to get the most out of the flavor


Bottle Opener

If you prefer to drink your beer from the bottle, you’re going to need a bottle opener. While you could pick up a cheap bottle opener from the dollar store that will serve you just fine, some prefer to show off a little flair with fancier bottle openers. Brands have gotten creative in their designs of openers, and you can expect to find plenty of different choices, from openers in the shape of hammers and household objects to even ones that resemble iPods. Of course, for most people, a regular old bottle opener will do, but you probably know better than we do if a fun way to open a bottle will appeal to your gift recipient.

Perfect gift for: people who want to show off some personality while they imbibe



A few years ago, the growler was an uncommon sight, but with craft beers gaining popularity, so has the growler, which is why it’s a must-have for a serious beer lover. Most growlers hold 64 fl oz of beer, which is just shy of a traditional six pack of bottles. However, what separates growlers from bottles and cans is their ability to keep local and craft brews fresh. Growler filling stations fill up your growler, which allows you to enjoy unique beers for up to two weeks if you keep the bottle unopened. On top of all that, if you buy a growler from the Union Growler Company, all profits go directly to charity!

Perfect gift for: beer lovers who have a pulse (Seriously, it’s time to find out why growlers have become so popular)



Understatement of the year: it gets hot in Texas. And most of us enjoy our beer cold, which leads to the age old problem: how do I enjoy cold beer while taking in the beautiful scenery of Texas? Thus, the cooler was born. A proper cooler is vital to beer lovers, particularly those who like to socialize outdoors. A cheap cooler will do a moderate job keeping the heat out and the cold in, but we would recommend investing in a cooler that at a minimum has a spout to drain the water after the ice eventually melts. With coolers, the old adage holds true: you get what you pay for.

Perfect gift for: outdoorsy people who know the best way to beat the Texas heat is with a cold craft beer


Craft Beer T-shirt

Out of all the items on this list, the craft beer t-shirt may seem the least vital; however, we would argue that a serious beer lover should have a stylish t-shirt in their wardrobe. Sporting your t-shirt broadcasts you as part of a growing group that loves good beer. It is the ultimate ice breaker, showing that you, too, have put down the mass produced swill, picked up the growler, and filled it with delicious Texas beer.

Perfect gift for: people who want to meet other beer lovers


Whatever beer you reach for, these gifts are meant to heighten your enjoyment, either directly or indirectly. Union Growler Company was founded on the idea of good beer and good causes. By purchasing your growler and apparel through us, you will directly be benefiting charities while enjoying high-quality products. Visit our store and give the gift of Union Growler to someone in your life.

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