Craft Beer Grows Up

Craft Beer Grows Up

January 18, 2016

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October 06, 2015

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Union Growler Spring Event Guide

April 09, 2015

Spring is here and the weather in Texas is perfect for events, but for beer lovers, we know that spring is a great time for beer-related events. Whether it’s a tasting or a big celebration, springtime means that beer events are in season for Dallas. We’ve assembled some of our favorite events coming up, so be sure to add these beer events in North Texas to your calendar and come out for a great time!

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Dallas Charities: How to Find the Right One

March 25, 2015

Union Growler Company is all about giving. We donate all of our proceeds to charities in Dallas because we want to make a different in the world. Beyond donating to charities, we’ve also gotten involved in charities and donated our time. We know that many people would like to do the same, but sometimes it feels overwhelming to find the right charity for you. Read our guide on how to find the right charity to get involved with! 

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Dallas Craft Beer Bars: Union Growler Co. Favorites

March 20, 2015

Great beer is meant to be enjoyed in a great surrounding, whether at home with friends or out and about in the vibrant Dallas craft beer scene. We’ve gone to many watering holes in and around Dallas and have discovered some favorite haunts that we can’t stop going back to. Different drinkers will have different choices about what constitutes a good Dallas craft beer bar, so be sure to let us know your favorite bars both in the comments and on Twitter.

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Beer Food Pairing Guide

March 12, 2015

It should come as no surprise that we love the outdoors. Union Growler Co. was started as we sat outside discussing great Dallas craft beer and our favorite charities, and we created the polypouch specifically for outdoor lovers, river trips, and Texas summers. Particularly with the upcoming grilling season, we wanted to create a guide that pairs up some of our favorite foods with our favorite styles of beer.

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Our Favorite Seasonal Craft Beers in Dallas

March 05, 2015

Can you feel a change in the wind? Despite the crazy unpredictable Texas weather (seriously, snow?), we know that soon the birds will be chirping, the flowers blooming, and great beer pouring. As the seasons change, so do the seasonal beer selections at many of our favorite breweries. For beer lovers like ourselves, it’s an exciting time to see and taste what the craft beer masterminds around Dallas have been cooking up.

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The Different Designs of Growlers

February 25, 2015

The modern growler as we know it was only designed a few decades ago, in 1989 in Wilson, Wyoming. Since that time, the design of the growler has mostly remained the same; however, different groups of individuals have started to adapt and revise the original design, for better or for worse some may argue. Regardless, we can all agree that we’re excited growlers have grown in popularity because that means more and more people can enjoy great craft beer all the time.

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A Beginners Guide to Describing Beer

February 18, 2015

An expert sommelier will explain that every wine has a distinct flavor profile. Grape varietals create the symphony of flavor, but aromatics and the fermenting process create the subtle melodies that makes people choose one merlot over the next. The same can be said for beer, and just like wine enthusiasts have their own vocabulary to describe flavors, so does the beer fanatic. 

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Union Growler’s Beer Lovers Gift Guide

February 11, 2015

We love beer. Whether it’s a crisp pilsner or a full bodied IPA, we love all kinds of beer, and because of this passion, we’ve assembled quite a bit of beer-related paraphernalia. If you’re on the hunt for something for the beer lover in your life, or if you’re looking to expand the horizon of your beer enjoyment, this is the list for you!
Some of these gift ideas are more essential than others but all of them will be enjoyed regardless of what kind of beer you enjoy.

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Cheers to the Charities: Union Growler Company’s Favorite Texas Charities

February 03, 2015

Union Growler Company was founded on the idea of giving back to our community of North Texas. We began by talking about our favorite charities while enjoying delicious Texas craft beers, and that conversation never stopped. We still get together and talk about how we can do better in our community, and we want to share some of our favorite charities and non-profit organizations to our friends.

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Growler Care 101

April 01, 2014

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